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Parking and Driving House Rules

General Rules & Regulations on Parking and Driving in Symphony Heights

  1. All drivers of vehicles, by entering Symphony Heights, agree to be bound by the rules, regulations and by-laws of the estate.
  2. While driving in the estate, all drivers shall:
    1. abide by applicable laws in Singapore, including the Highway Code; and
    2. abide by the speed limit and height restrictions within the estate, as well as all estate traffic signs and markings.
  3. No vehicles shall be left unattended unless parked in designated parking areas.
  4. While waiting in vehicles, drivers shall:
    1. ensure that their vehicles do not obstruct traffic flow;
    2. move their vehicle to wait within designated parking lots should there be a need to wait longer than a few minutes (more than 5 mins); and
    3. not leave their vehicle engine idling.
  5. Heavy vehicles (as defined by the Parking Places Act) are not permitted to enter the estate unless registered and pre-approved by the Management, in which case the driver shall ensure that the heavy vehicle is restricted to areas as designated by the Management.
  6. Vehicles parked within the estate are at owner’s risk. The Management accepts no responsibility for theft, damage or other misdemeanours however caused to vehicles, including equipment or contents therein, whilst parked within the estate.

Parking for Residents

  1. Parking for residents is provided at Residents Car Park A and B. Only vehicles with valid Resident Car Park Labels are allowed to park in designated lots in the Resident Car Parks.
  2. Residents may apply for a Resident Car Park Label at the Management Office (refer to Form A).
  3. Each unit is entitled to a 1st Resident Car Park Label.
  4. Each unit may also apply for a 2nd Resident Car Park Label where a 1st Resident Car Park Label has been issued and remains valid for a given unit.
  5. The 2nd Resident Car Park Label shall be issued on a first-come-first-serve basis based on the availability of lots, taking into consideration the need to reserve some lots for 1st Resident Car Park Label applications.
  6. The 2nd Resident Car Park Label is not an entitlement and may be withdrawn on a first-in-first-out basis, with due notice of at least 30-days given, such that 1st Resident Car Park Label issuance may be carried out.
  7. An applicant shall:
    1. be a resident of Symphony Heights and must show documentary proof of residence; and
    2. be the owner of the vehicle registered or authorised in writing by the vehicle owner to be in possession of the vehicle.
  8. The application will include registering the vehicle’s IU (In-vehicle Unit) that will allow the vehicle to gain automated vehicle access into the estate.
  9. The subsidiary proprietor of a unit which is fully tenanted out may not apply for a Resident Car Park Label.
  10. To prevent abuse, an applicant shall not rotate vehicles not registered in his name but authorised in writing by vehicle owner on a regular basis (monthly or less).
  11. Applicant shall return the issued label to the Management Office as and when any of the above conditions is no longer met, for example: change or sale of vehicle; change of IU; end of residency in the estate.
  12. The Resident Car Park Label issued is not transferable.
  13. Valid Resident Car Park Labels shall be prominently displayed on the front windscreen of the vehicle entering and remaining within Symphony Heights, at all times. It is an offence to use expired or invalid labels. Such vehicles parked in the Residents Car Parks shall be deemed to have parked illegally.
  14. A fee of $50 (before GST) is chargeable for each replacement of lost or damaged Resident Car Park Labels.
  15. As and when a Car Park Label becomes illegible, applicant shall duly exchange the label at no charge. Management shall not be responsible for any enforcement that may result from illegible labels.

Parking for Visitors

  1. Parking for visitors is available at designated open-air marked visitor parking lots along the estate driveway.
  2. Other than for drop-offs or picking-ups, all driving visitors shall register with Security at the Guardhouse and be issued with a Visitor Parking Slip for which the driver shall provide his direct contact number, and the Block and Unit number of the resident who will be receiving him. Refusal or failure to provide the requested information may result in the visitor being denied entry.
  3. The Visitor Parking Slip must be clearly displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard (or for motorcycles and the like, a prominent location of the vehicle) whilst parked in designated visitor parking lots.
  4. Visitor vehicles with Visitor Parking Slips are allowed to park up to a maximum of 24 hours from recorded date/time of entry.
  5. Management approval is required for extended visitor parking beyond 24 hours from entry. The resident who is hosting the visitor shall register at the Management Office preferably before the arrival of the visitor’s vehicle but not later than 24 hours from its entry into the estate. The maximum extended visitor parking shall be 7 consecutive days from date-time of entry. Approval would generally be given based on maintaining sufficient lots for normal visitor use. Extended visitor parking would not be generally given if it overlaps with any major public holidays.
  6. Any illegal parking, which includes not clearly displaying the Visitor Parking Slip; parking beyond allowed duration; and not parking properly within a designated lot, is subject to enforcement under the By-laws on Wheel-Clamping.
  7. Residents, as hosts, shall do their part in being responsible to ensure their visitors abide by the rules, regulations and by-laws of the estate.
  8. Vehicles with Resident Car Park Labels shall be parked in Resident Car Parks. Parking at visitor lots for such vehicles are only permitted for ad hoc short durations (no more than 15 mins) for quick access to units near visitor lots, and should not be habitual.
  9. The extended visitor parking arrangement is provided to facilitate visitors who may stay over in our estate as guest. Although residents may apply to use the extended visitor parking for additional vehicles for exigencies, where permitted it shall be only for short-term arrangements (within the permitted maximum days) and shall not be used for long term parking of trade vehicles.
  10. Visitors shall not park their vehicles and leave the estate for a prolonged duration.